The month of
September is National
Sickle Cell Awareness

Plan to host your idea
and bring awareness
to Sickle Cell.
The Sickle Cell Foundation Support Group, Inc. request your
support by sponsoring a fund raising project at any time of the
year to help us.

There are unlimited ways you can give a donation to
Support Group
as a fund raising project.  Listed below are a
few ideas to get you started.  However, please email or call (770) 390-4063 to
start the process.

  1. Red Box Lunch Fun Project.  A fund raising project for
    you and your co-workers to send a donation in the name
    of your company or department to our Support Group.  
    How does it work?  This project calls for you and your co-
    workers to vote of a specific day that in lieu of buying
    lunch, the money you would normally spend for lunch is
    place in a red box (or bag) for persons to drop their
    lunch money or write a check payable to The Sickle Cell
    Fnd. Support Group, Inc. and you would send the
    donation to our group.  Your company/department will be
    recognized with a certificate of appreciation in the Red
    Box Lunch Fun Project and a word of appreciation on
    our website.
  2. Sickle Clean-Up Project.  A fund raising project for you
    and your family to have a big Yard Sale.  This is a great
    time for a family-reunion volunteer project.  Our Support
    Group will provide educational leaf-lets for you to give to
    help bring more awareness about Sickle Cell conditions
    in your neighborhood or business.  Think outside the
    box, the yard sale can be at your business.
  3. It's My Birthday!  An exciting fund raising project for you
    to have family and friends make donations to Sickle Cell
    Foundation in lieu of giving you a gift.  Tell your family
    and friends to honor you by making a donation in your
    name to the Foundation.
  4. Round-up Bake Sale.  A fund raising project for you to
    organize a bake sale at your place of worship,
    community center, daycare center, etc. to support the
    Sickle Cell Fnd. Support Group, Inc.
  5. Just Because...We Care Project.  A fund raising project
    for you to ask family and friends to donate at least
    $1.00, you will be provided with tickets for persons to fill-
    in their name and address and we will acknowledge
    receipt of their donation through your efforts.

There are many fund raising ideas.  Your support to help raise
funds to help our cause and bring greater awareness to Sickle
Cell is greatly appreciated.  If you have any ideas or concerns,
please call or email.

When you are ready to start a fund raising project, please be
sure to contact us first to start the process.  The Support Group
appreciates your vote of confidence to help us help others.
Thank you for your support.
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