What is Dietary Potassium Thiocyanate/ Dioscovite
(Yam Vitamin)?

Thiocyanate (SCN) can be defined by best dividing the word thio-
cyanate and defining each.  Thio means a prefix denoting
presence of sulfur replacing oxygen.  Cyanate is a salt of cyanic
acid which contains the radical carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen
CNO).  Thiocyanate is a salt analogous in composition to
cyanate, but containing sulfur instead of oxygen; called also
sulfocyanate.  This is a cultural ethnic food approach to
preventing the symptoms associated with Sickle Cell Disease.  A
diet rich in nutritional Thiocyanate/Dioscovite has shown to be
effective in preventing the sickling of the red blood cells in
people with Sickle Cell Disease.  It is not a cure but assist with
controlling the problems and symptoms associated with the
disease.  The painful crisis of Sickle Cell Anemia is infrequent and
not as severe in people whose diet is rich in Thiocyanate/
Dioscovite.  Dietary Thiocyanate is not only an anti-sickling
agent, it has antibiotic activity as well.  

For detail information, please visit
www.dioscovite1.com.  If you
would like to purchase a bottle of Dietary Potassium
Thiocyanate/Dioscovite, please call the Support Group at (770)

Benefits of Dioscovite/Thiocyanate:
  • The proven nutrition as a “Protective Factor”
  • Nutritional Thiocyanate may increase your Hemoglobin
    and Hematocrit SAFELY.
  • Use consistently with vitamins, amino acids, and mineral
    supplements and give your body all the known nutrients
    needed by the body.
  • It is a NON-TOXIC nutritional supplement.

Controlling Sickle Cell Disease through Complete Nutrition.

The Support Group encourages persons who truly want to take
control of their health and alleviate the symptoms associated
with sickle cell conditions to follow a complete nutritional plan.  
The Support Group believes that when you give your body all
the raw materials it requires to maintain and renew itself, you
achieve health and  longevity and become able to maintain
successful goals, businesses and careers. The Support Group
recommends Dioscovite, Folic Acid, Selenium, EFA’s, and a multi-
vitamin and mineral supplementations.  For sustained energy,
we recommend Rebound FX  a healthy energy sports drink that
refuels your body, and offers a balance of antioxidants, vitamins,
minerals and herbs.  Rebound FX is a tasty alternative to the
high-sodium, high-carbohydrate sports drinks that are commonly
found in the marketplace today.  You can purchase Rebound FX
and other supplements and nutrients at our website:
//sicklecellsupportgroup.youngevityonline.com and call 770-
390-4063 to order Dioscovite.
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About Dioscovite

The effectiveness of Dioscovite against Sickle Cell Disease was
discovered by Oji Agbai, N.D., PhD. in 1983.   Dr. Agbai holds a
Doctor of Naturopathy from the Clayton College of Natural
Healing in Birmingham, Alabama and a PhD in biochemistry and
nutritional science from Clayton University in Clayton, Missouri.

There has been misleading information about Dioscovite.  We
want you to understand that Dioscovite DOES NOT contain
cyanide but THIOCYANATE, which is safe and natural.  Please
read, learn and educate yourself more by visiting
www.dioscovite1.com and go the page on Scientific Publications
on Dioscovite. Dioscovite is not a drug, but a nutritional

Dr. Agbai started his Natural Health Research Institute after he
observed that Sickle Cell patients who were asymptomatic in
Africa and Jamaica often suffer severe pain crisis.  He found
nutritional differences.  Foods that are eaten here is very
different from what is found in Africa so he began to link it to
diet.  Dr. Agbai found that African and Jamaican people
consumed many foods rich in a natural substance called
thiocyanate, an anti-sickling agent found in many African staple

The International Health Products is the parent company of the
Natural Health Research Institute, founded by Oji Agbai, ND,
PhD.  Dr. Agbai offers telephone consultation for patients with
Sickle Cell Disease, Prostate Cancer, High Blood Pressure,
Cancer, Diabetes and a number of other diseases.  You may
contact (918) 627-7997.
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The world's best oral,
liquid Sickle Cell dietary
supplement remedy.

- It is NON-TOXIC!
- Gives energy to the
- Restores vitality.
- Normalizes high blood
pressure - vasodilator.
- Made from natural
- It is NOT a drug.
- It helps Sickle Cells
become mild and
Foods rich in

African yams
Alfalfa sprouts
Brussels sprouts
Lima beans
Mustard greens
................to name a few.